Friday, February 25, 2011


These are some limericks I wrote with my sisters.

1. The Ant and the Lady's Head

There was a young lady who said,
"I think there's an ant on my head!"
She tried to catch it,
But it put up a fit,
And she said, "How I wish it was dead!"

2. The Scottish Lad
A Scottish lad once said,
"I made a new friend named Ned.
He likes to eat cheese,
He got stung by some bees,
And his dad's middle name is Fred."

3. The Tiger
The Tiger can't talk so he thinks
About the pyramids and the sphinx;
And after he's done
He hunts for a bun
But the reward is only some ink.

4. The Blue Cow
The blue cow sat in a puddle
All his belongings a muddle
All he needs is a dish
For his gigantic wish
To be back in the football huddle.

5. The Butterfly
The Butterfly likes chicken soup
But does not like the chicken coop
'Cause she could get beaten
And maybe get eaten
And then she'd turn into some goop.

6. The Corvette
The Corvette likes red but he's blue
And his food is so hard to chew
He wished to be red
More than getting some bread
But all he could say was "Achoo!"

7. Socks
The once matched pair of socks said, "Hey,
Where's my partner who's name is Mae?
We went through the wash
With wet, icky slosh,
And we both are lost, me and Mae!"

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